Workshop on wildfire management innovation and policies at RISE-SD 2023 event

Banner: RISE-SD 2023

FirEUrisk will take part in the RISE-SD 2023 event that will address research and innovation in the field of disaster and crisis management, protection and security. The event, which will be held in Rhodes, Greece between the 29th and 31st of May, will feature the “Workshop on wildfire management innovation and policies”, where FirEUrisk, among other European projects, presents its approach towards a better wildfire risk assessment.

The workshop will take place the 30th of May at 12h EEST, and will be structured as follows:

  • Panel 1. Holistic approach and integrated management of landscapes wildfires
  • Panel 2. National wildfire prevention Action plan (including a peer-review framework)
  • Panel 3. Science and Technology contribution to improving wildfire management operations

The purpose of this event is to combine different approaches towards innovation on wildfire management, as well as review current policies and practices, and explore the possibilities for improvement.

You can find more information and registration options here.

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