26 Jan 2024

Advancing fire risk assessment, reduction, and adaptation. Transboundary cascading effects and future scenarios

The project’s third Pilot Site Demonstration Event was held online from Dresden, Germany, presenting the wildfire risk management resources developed by the project and tested in the Central Europe pilot site.

The session brought together more than 95 participants, an audience composed of scientists, research institutes, local and national authorities, forestry agencies, national weather services, firefighters, nature protection specialists, and other key stakeholders in the management and mitigation of wildfire risk.

Using three Central European countries within the CE Pilot Site (CZ, DE, POL) as an example, during the demonstration event, 15 innovative products and tools developed within the FirEUrisk project were presented.

“Products were well-received and generated a lot of feedback and discussion in the Q&A sessions of the event”, explains Christopher Marrs, project partner from the Technische Universität Dresden. These dialogues and exchanges taking place at the demonstration events will serve as a basis for the improvement and refinement of the FirEUrisk products and tools.

You can watch the recording of the demonstration event below.