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Report on FirEUrisk network establishment and register including End-Users Advisory Board, Scientific Forum and other EU projects.

The communication plan will define the objectives of the communication activity and layout the actions channels timeline and monitoring routines to fulfil such objectives It will identify describe and highlight methods to actively engage with all the crucial stakeholder clusters and ensure the best outreach for FirEUrisk s outcomes and its many environmental economic and social impacts The plan will also present a comprehensive strategy to translate technical results and recommendations from the project into plain language material suitable for creating the maximum impact with nontechnical audiences Overall this deliverable will serve two functions reporting on the performed actions and developing a strategic analysis in the context of the overall objectives Communication plan First version

This report consists of an action plan of activities to promote the participation in the [DA], PS and EU demonstrations of the largest possible number of end users and stakeholders. The plan shall (1) Involve project committees; (2) Promote and allow remote participation for non-locals; (3) Enlarge regional/national/local stakeholders engagement; (4) establish a calendar of actions and materials for pre/during/post PS event; (5) Engage new stakeholders and evaluate the impact upon new communities (6) Complement WP6 dissemination plans.

Fire ignitions are difficult to predict from biophysical parameters Therefore we will use machine learning and SOFIAtype models to predict fire ignitions in Europe in order to derive functions that will be implemented within our fireenabled DGVMs The ultimate objective of this analysis is to improve the DGVMs to better simulate fire in Europe

This deliverable will elaborate and maintain the dissemination and exploitation activities performed by the beneficiaries website dissemination materials social media events scientific publications policy aspects The deliverable will analyse options for exploitation of the results and define the exploitation strategy for wider scale applicationsimplementation Dissemination and Exploitation Plan First version

This report leverages upon D54 It concretises the immediate actions needed for each specific PS demonstration presenting the specific objectives the products to be demonstrated access to background material agenda and expected demonstration rollout Evaluationreportingsatisfaction questionnaires shall be included so that the event runs as a a validation event The plan shall allow for remote participation for nonlocals

Report providing metadata and documentation of continental scale landuse change scenarios for the 21st century The new future LUC scenarios consistent in the landuse classification and modelling approach to the historic dataset HILDA will be detailed until 2050 and more explorative until 2100 This dataset will be suitable for as land cover input to DGVM modelling

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Websites, patent fillings & videos

An initial communication bundle will be developed with a view to presenting the project, its goals, partners, activities planned and expected impact to a broad audience. This bundle will include multiformat communication material including a motion graphics animation, poster infographics and a leaflet. All these materials will incorporate a distinctive visual identity for the consortium and project developed for public exposure of the proposal and portray a memorable image of FirEUrisk.