Training event: The FirEUrisk fuel classification system and the European fuel map

Accurate and spatially explicit information on forest fuels is essential for designing integrated fire risk management strategies, as fuel characteristics are critical for fire danger estimation, fire propagation, and emissions modelling. The first FirEUrisk training, delivered by Elena Aragoneses from the University of Alcalá, Spain, will give an overview of the project’s new fuel classification system, providing attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to use it and explore the related European fuel map to assess fire risk in Europe. Data access and tools to analyse the dataset, along with examples of potential usage, will also be presented to help attendees adapt the FirEUrisk classification system to different spatial scales and different purposes.

This training will take place on February the 2nd (10h-12h CET) and is intended for graduate and PhD students, researchers, and other actors involved in wildfire risk management. For detailed information you can check the training agenda. And if you’re interested in attending, please complete the registration form. The deadline closes on January the 26th.

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