Adapting to different wildfire risk conditions

Testing our solutions in different European ecosystems

We test our approaches to wildfire risk management in five pilot sites across Europe. Covering a variety of wildfire risk conditions, these testing grounds address all phases of wildfire challenges: prevention, preparedness, response, and restoration. Each pilot site will hold an event to demonstrate the scalability and effectiveness of our strategies, engaging with and receiving feedback from the end-users of the FirEUrisk solutions.

Demonstration events

Access the knowledge shared in our pilot site demonstration events

7 Jun 2023

Presenting solutions for wildfire prevention in the Mediterranean

The project’s first Pilot Site Demonstration Event took place in Barcelona, Spain, presenting the wildfire prevention resources tested in one of the pilot sites, covering the Mediterranean fire risk conditions.

Experts from the project presented the outcomes of their research related to:

  • Weather and ignitions
  • Fuels, propagation, population, and assets
  • Exposure, potential losses, and resilience
  • Risk reduction and end-user needs